Month: August 2015

Things to Worship and Inspire

When I get inspired inside a museum, I usually dream of textiles in movement. This is a lovely shrine-like statue that others might find slightly haunting, but I imagine ballerinas in delicate rose tutus. It could be Waltz of the Flowers from the┬áNutcracker, filled with sparkle and magic. You can find this displayed as part of the regular exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. This second piece of art is a rattan sculpture. One might immediately think the hat as the obvious inspiration, but I see a flowy gown with a lively, swirly hem supported by horsehair.  

A Night Out With The Dress

This is the Butterick 5209 vintage halter dress I made last month, and I gave it a wear run Saturday night. My biggest concern was making sure my girls were properly concealed behind the halter. No big worries. I did find the neck area uncomfortable with basically no give with movement. It is not a dress to wear on long active days without straining my neck. My next halter will need some kind of elastic at the neck or a slight stretch in the fabric for comfort.  If you want to see how I mostly put this dress together. Look HERE at my old sewing blog.

Tea and Knitting

There is nothing like sipping a green tea latte, nibbling on an organic macaron, and knitting. My favorite organic cafe is tucked into the far left corner of a strip mall. I want it to grow so I can always have a table there. You can find La Terra Bakery and Cafe HERE.