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Giddy with Vogue 8724

Vogue 8724 Animal Print Front

Fabric is a mixed jersey print from Gorgeous Fabrics. (It was a windy day when this photo was taken).

Do animal prints make you look ten pounds heavier? I have always thought so…which is why these prints are scarce in my closet. But the truth is, if I could have every single coat lined in this stuff, I would be in heaven.

I decided to forego my vanity and carry on with this sewing project. I wanted something comfortable, stylish, and machine washable. Enter Vogue pattern 8724, made in a fabric that feels just like ponte. This was a breeze to sew, and much more manageable than the jersey wools I’ve been tackling lately (more about the jersey in my next post). I didn’t even bother with a muslin. I felt reckless and lucky at the same time. An ideal combination only if everything fits on the first try. Mine did! The capped sleeves were built into the bodice…no sleeve sewing! Jackpot!

One thing I might point out though…fit the bodice to your bust line first, and hand stitch it in place. THEN re-center the pleats on the skirt. Even with the “CustomFit” option built into the pattern, you are not going to get it right without fitting before sewing. I wish I made mine a bit more snug. I still had to sew the base of the neckline to keep it from flying open (which is NEVER ever convenient).

Here is the best thing of all…you can finish this dress in one afternoon. Vogue graded this as “EASY” and they weren’t lying for once. The California weather is going to let me wear this dress all season…gold sandals in the Spring and Summer; boots in the Fall and Winter. Dressed down with a jean’s jacket in the Spring, and dressed up with a wool blazer in the Fall…the possibilities! Happy living!



  1. Just saw your dress on JJ and had to say…you have to look amazing in this!!! Your mannequin looks so darn skinny and thanks for the tip to fit the top first and then adjust the skirt…so many sewers think they can skip the fitting part and rely on the “right out of the envelope” to fit every time. Great job and such a versatile dress!!!


    • This dress is very flattering…something needed since animal prints tend to put some magical pounds on us! I rarely see right out of the envelope, but it can happen! See my previous post… Thanks for stopping by.


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