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Sew Rayon

I have not been very inspired lately. I almost shelled out a bunch of cash for a new Bernina this weekend, thinking that would have solved my sewing gloom. But thank God the sales people at the store were mostly unhelpful. I never throw good money away without a decent sales presentation.

With Summer finally in full swing, I thought some comfy and cool rayon would be fun to sew. This paisley print is another stash piece from Gorgeous Fabrics and the pattern is by Rebecca Taylor from Vogue Patterns 1395.

This dress is pretty easy to sew, and there’s even a lining behind the skirt. I have already tried to give this to my daughter, because this dress makes me look short and frumpy. A shoulder adjustment might make it look less bulky from the top. But it certainly has some dress form appeal right? The fabric is incredibly comfortable. Here’s the dress on the model in the next photo. Lovely right? If one is tall, thin, and relatively small busted. But do give it a go. At the very least, it’s a pretty fun pattern to sew.


I would like to bury at the bottom of this blog, a pattern that I really disliked in every way: the Mizoni dress from Vogue. The pattern gave me the worst sewing instructions for the shoulder. It is scrunchy in the bodice, and the whole design feels like one of those Project Runway desperate “design-in-an-hour dresses.” Unflattering with no promise of redemption. I did want some “shape” and decided to use a polyester from Joann’s Fabrics. I think a part of me knew it would be ugly…out it went.

IMG_20160217_185541 (3)

Mizoni V1410

With the scare of an impending move at the end of July, I freaked out about moving to a smaller home and losing my sewing studio. It was a real probability. Then last minute our landlord decided to keep our rent the same for another year. This is after he threatened to raise our rent again after increasing it by $500 a month last year. It’s really hard staying here, but it’s worse moving when we’re not ready to go.

But this whole scenario could repeat itself in a year’s time. So I decided that I really needed to work through my stash a little faster. I’m also going to do a lot better with fitting as I go. I had not sewn with Simplicity Patterns in a while, and realized they cut a lot smaller in the bust than Vogue Patterns. Luckily, I’ve been using cheaper fabrics I picked up on sale to test a couple of pieces in advance. I know making a muslin before the final is a great idea for fitting. But it’s not going to make much of a dent in my fabric stash.

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