Author: MJR

Giddy with Vogue 8724

Do animal prints make you look ten pounds heavier? I have always thought so…which is why these prints are scarce in my closet. But the truth is, if I could have every single coat lined in this stuff, I would be in heaven. I decided to forego my vanity and carry on with this sewing project. I wanted something comfortable, stylish, and machine washable. Enter Vogue pattern 8724, made in a fabric that feels just like ponte. This was a breeze to sew, and much more manageable than the jersey wools I’ve been tackling lately (more about the jersey in my next post). I didn’t even bother with a muslin. I felt reckless and lucky at the same time. An ideal combination only if everything fits on the first try. Mine did! The capped sleeves were built into the bodice…no sleeve sewing! Jackpot! One thing I might point out though…fit the bodice to your bust line first, and hand stitch it in place. THEN re-center the pleats on the skirt. Even with the “CustomFit” option built into the pattern, you are not going …

Heirloom Tomato Fried Rice Recipe

When I start craving a particular food, I wonder if my body is telling me something. August was primarily a month for tomato eating and perhaps I was in need of some lycopene? I had a patient who gifted me a bag of fresh tomatoes from his garden one day. It might have been one of the best gifts all year. Give me garden fresh flowers and vegetables, and I am essentially yours. Besides making several caprese salads, I also discovered that adding fresh tomatoes into an egg fried rice could be equally delectable. This is a great vegetarian dish, and vegan if one omits the eggs entirely. But I hope not, because fried rice is not fried rice without the egg. You do not need to have meat…but the egg is pretty much a given. Okay…you can argue with me about it. But I am from Hong Kong, and that is pretty much the way we eat. My Fried Rice The only way to make proper fried rice is to use leftover white rice. …

Things to Worship and Inspire

When I get inspired inside a museum, I usually dream of textiles in movement. This is a lovely shrine-like statue that others might find slightly haunting, but I imagine ballerinas in delicate rose tutus. It could be Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker, filled with sparkle and magic. You can find this displayed as part of the regular exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. This second piece of art is a rattan sculpture. One might immediately think the hat as the obvious inspiration, but I see a flowy gown with a lively, swirly hem supported by horsehair.  

A Night Out With The Dress

This is the Butterick 5209 vintage halter dress I made last month, and I gave it a wear run Saturday night. My biggest concern was making sure my girls were properly concealed behind the halter. No big worries. I did find the neck area uncomfortable with basically no give with movement. It is not a dress to wear on long active days without straining my neck. My next halter will need some kind of elastic at the neck or a slight stretch in the fabric for comfort.  If you want to see how I mostly put this dress together. Look HERE at my old sewing blog.

Tea and Knitting

There is nothing like sipping a green tea latte, nibbling on an organic macaron, and knitting. My favorite organic cafe is tucked into the far left corner of a strip mall. I want it to grow so I can always have a table there. You can find La Terra Bakery and Cafe HERE.