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Heirloom Tomato Fried Rice Recipe

When I start craving a particular food, I wonder if my body is telling me something. August was primarily a month for tomato eating and perhaps I was in need of some lycopene? I had a patient who gifted me a bag of fresh tomatoes from his garden one day. It might have been one of the best gifts all year. Give me garden fresh flowers and vegetables, and I am essentially yours. Besides making several caprese salads, I also discovered that adding fresh tomatoes into an egg fried rice could be equally delectable. This is a great vegetarian dish, and vegan if one omits the eggs entirely. But I hope not, because fried rice is not fried rice without the egg. You do not need to have meat…but the egg is pretty much a given. Okay…you can argue with me about it. But I am from Hong Kong, and that is pretty much the way we eat. My Fried Rice The only way to make proper fried rice is to use leftover white rice. …

Tea and Knitting

There is nothing like sipping a green tea latte, nibbling on an organic macaron, and knitting. My favorite organic cafe is tucked into the far left corner of a strip mall. I want it to grow so I can always have a table there. You can find La Terra Bakery and Cafe HERE.