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Humming In My New Office

I had this humming feeling in my belly at the end of last year. Whenever I get this feeling, I know that shifts are about to happen in my life. The new year began with a chaotic move into a new work space. I had left my first office after one year and four months. This first space was generously offered at a time when no one really believed in me, not even me. I left for a custom two-room facility with a full front staff and support of a lovely doctor. I thought it was perfect. But this old adage is true: “Be careful what you wish for.” I got exactly what I had hoped for, and nothing I really wanted. After 30 days, that humming in my belly grew exceedingly strong. I left the doctor’s office in a flurry, and landed in my new office…fully independent, and finally my own boss. Yes, it’s still a shared office space, but my room is all mine 24/7. I also get interaction with colleagues, and congenial referrals. I could …

Things to Worship and Inspire

When I get inspired inside a museum, I usually dream of textiles in movement. This is a lovely shrine-like statue that others might find slightly haunting, but I imagine ballerinas in delicate rose tutus. It could be Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker, filled with sparkle and magic. You can find this displayed as part of the regular exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. This second piece of art is a rattan sculpture. One might immediately think the hat as the obvious inspiration, but I see a flowy gown with a lively, swirly hem supported by horsehair.